About Lauren Allen, Founder 

Since acquiring her Sports & Entertainment Management, M.B.A in 2010, Lauren Allen has dedicated her life to the science of entertainment marketing. At the age of 26, she moved across country from New York to Los Angeles where she interned at a talent management company. However, it was not until she interned and worked at The (Legendary) Roxy Theatre that she found her true calling, venue management and marketing. After spending nearly a year learning under the best in the business, Lauren moved to Arizona and worked for Voice Media Group as a Social Media Specialist. She managed the social media accounts of several businesses, including some of the most relevant names in the venue industry. Lauren stayed at VMG for a year until she landed a job as the Box Office Operations Manager/Social Media Marketing Director for Livewire in Scottsdale , AZ.

L.A. Social is an idea Lauren has had for several years and she has finally decided, it is now or never. Lauren is determined to assist artists, labels, studios, venues, and all others in the entertainment industry with their marketing efforts.