Own Your Masters

Prince Did & So Should you

It has been one day since the universe lost one of the greatest musical talents. Prince Rogers Nelson played every instrument, wrote all of his own music and lyrics, and was one of the few artists to own his masters. He so famously said,

"If you don't own your masters, your master owns you."

Now that the genius has passed, his music will be distributed and presented in his own image.
(Side Note: I truly hope that includes sharing his vault of unreleased music with his disciples.)
Unfortunately, for some, the pertinence of owning masters does not seem relevant until a music-altering change, like the loss of a legend.

Why is it important to own your music? Well, do you want your song to be in an ad for a product or service you do not support? What about in a broadcast without your knowledge or permission? Owning your music allows you to have complete control of its distribution channels as well as how your music is featured. Would you create a painting and allow someone else to sign his or her name on the bottom? No! Your music is your art and it belongs to only you.

In this day and age, it is much easier to remain independent. Services such as TuneCore, CD Baby, and ReverbNation put the power in your hands. Companies like these allow you to control your music's distribution channels and help you monetize sites like YouTube, all at a much lower cost than a label. This way you are able to stay within your budget, which allows you to spend more money on a marketing/promotional strategy, be it traditional (radio, tv) or digital (Google, social media ads). Do not fight for your masters when you can own them from the very beginning.

There will never be another Prince. He believed in ultimate uniqueness for self and art. Songs like "Beautiful Ones," "Diamonds & Pearls," and of course, "Purple Rain," will live on forever. He did that for us. Thank you for the music and thank you for being no one else but you.

If you need more information about how to become an independent artist, please contact me here.

May your rain and shade be PURPLE, always!


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The Beauty of Social Media Aesthetics

Aesthetics are visually appealing attributes that brands often use to attract potential clientele/consumers.  In a musical perspective, artists use animated graphics and/or visual imagery in their music videos to have the listener see what he/she hears.  Concert venues use unique art, interior design, and lighting to give patrons another reason besides the artists to attend shows.  A lot of times people are not necessarily drawn to the music of an artist or location of a venue but rather the magnetism of their senses.  This seductive psychological tactic is genius at its finest and should be used by all business owners, regardless of the industry.

When the beauty of aesthetics becomes ugly is when it relates to social media tactics.  One of the most aesthetically pleasing attributes for brands and users alike is SEEING an increased amount of followers and likes.  For most, an increased user base directly correlates with increased popularity.  As a result, many brands will spend a portion of the marketing budget to expand their follower base. However, if the ads are not targeted properly, the brands expose themselves to bots aka fake followers.  There inlies the problem.  A wide follower base is pointless if your page does not have real users. Real users convert to money spending consumers.

So how do you make it work? Plain and simple: Real User Engagement = Conversions.  Content is the most relevant part of your social media pages. Without it, your brand has no business being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Create interesting content that forces users to stop and engage.  Do not give them a choice.  How can this be done?  Simply by research and relevancy.  Take a part of your budget and put it towards post/tweet engagement.

Here’s your task for the day, go to some of your favorite local Facebook & Twitter pages.  Look at how many followers/likes they have. Then, look at their content and see how many people are actually interacting with their page.  If their posts/tweets have no likes, comments, or shares, then you know, their page is basically the same as having a beautiful store front that is just an empty shell.

A piece of advice, if an agency, consultant, or potential new hire promises to increase your follower base and nothing more, go with someone else. There is a lot more to social media marketing than a massive amount of people liking your page.  If you can’t find anyone to candidly explain that to you, contact me personally, here.



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Welcome to L.A. Social

Hello All & Welcome to the L.A. Social website!

First and foremost, I would like to thank my family and friends for all of their support.  Without these people I would not have been able to get L.A. Social off of the ground. 

Most of you are probably wondering what's up with "LASosh.com"  In the world we live in everything is abbreviated in the most ridiculous way.  Nonetheless, you cannot help but say "Jelly," "Obvi," and "Totes." "Sosh" (AKA Social)  is no different. 

A very special thanks goes out to Kendra Enriquez for creating my marketing collateral and intellectual properties.  Her talents are exceptionally extensive and distinctive. Visit her website here: KendraEnriquez.com

L.A. Social is for those who are surviving on their own in the entertainment industry. Our mission is to help increase exposure for artists, labels, recording studios, and all others in the industry. You cannot always force people to listen to your music or go to your venue, but at the very least you can put the option in front of them. Be heard and be seen.

L.A. Social is not just about increasing your followers on Twitter and getting your photos more likes on Instagram.  Our mission is to ensure that your entire marketing campaign is derived from a strong strategy. Sometimes that only takes a pen or a dry erase board. Get back to basics to guarantee your spot in the future. This industry is evolving. Get ahead of the competition while remaining true to your brand and culture.

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Thank you!